To be honest, my main intention to start nakshatra collections is to bring our indian traditional wear to all my friends in US in a very economic range, as i wexed up doing window shopping in Indian streets in New Jersey. The main reason for me (not only me many Indian ladies do that) doing window shopping is nothing but the scary prices. We like some saree or salwar, they say 2000, dont be mistaken it as 2000 rupees, it is 2000 USD :). I had this experience many times, so I really want everybody to enjoy our traditional wear for our bday's, wedding days parties etc from Nakshatra collections.

No more searching for friends or family who comes to US for bringing our clothes from india :)
No more hastle for parents too. Follow the below links and contact me -, if you have any questions.

  1. Tunics collection
  2. Party wear suits
  3. Exclusive suits
  4. Jewellery collection - Coming soon....